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Friday, September 11, 2009

Click a Child !

CLICK A CHILD or for short (CaC) is a non profit
organization set to help orphans children go on with their
life's just like normal children .from the sales of their tee's
to creating an event ,all the money goes to fund to help
improving their homes & give them a better way of life just
like normal kind of children so they don't felt alone & sad in
this world.

CaC also created an event called ''malam akustik '' ,bringing
the best of local act such as HUJAN ,BUNKFACE, new's at
11 ,YUNA & many more to perform their accoustic,this kind
of event certainly will help them go on with their mission to
helping people in need .HUJAN also known as malaysian
fevorite indiepandent band also one of the first contributor to CaC .
Not only that ,other event such as art event also helping
them collecting their fund to help the orphans children ,in the
event ,the previewed their best art designed by the orphan
children themself ,other than that photogrpher will not be
left because they are the main attraction in the art show
because they captured their point of view on this

In our society ,we need this kind of organization to provoke
people to give back for those in need ,no matter big or small
the kindness we gave back ,it will be repay in this world or in
the afterlife .rasullulah also reminded us in this world ,nothing
last forever except our kindness to to other in need in this world .
I hope the goverment will give their full support on this
kind of organization and make a better life for orphans children
So Let's Give Them...C.H.I.L.D.
C for Confidence
H for Hope
I for Integrity
L for Leadership
D for Direction
I think this is my kind of appritiation for CaC ,thanks korang! for your good deed! :D
writen by Alfian
4 more information on CaC & how to contribute to their work ,just go to &

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